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Heating and Air Conditioning Company

For heating and air conditioning services from a company with a name you can trust, call us. With over 10 years of experience and proven customer satisfaction, we can fulfill all of your heating, air conditioning and HVAC needs. We offer installation, repair and replacement on heating and air systems.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Company

During the winter months, our homes are a warm haven from the bitter cold of the outdoors. During the summer months, the last thing you want is to have your AC break down on you. We perform repair, replacement and installation in the following areas:

Hot water heater - No one looks forward to a cold shower on a cold morning! We’ll keep your standard or tankless model going strong all year long. Though many websites make DIY repair or installation of a hot water heater sound simple, anything that combines water and electricity is dangerous and should be left to professionals. We have 10 years of experience and can handle your issues quickly and safely.

Heat pump – This unit pulls double duty but is extremely efficient, heating and cooling through air transfer instead of costly fuel. If it’s clean and well-maintained, it can save you significantly on your utility bills. If yours is freezing up or not attaining the right temperature, check the circuit breaker. If it’s still not working, call us to investigate. We will check out common trouble spots like the thermostat, blower, belts and motor.

Furnace repair – The most common heat system in homes, these appliances have a lifespan of up to 20 years. Often though, they wear out long before that. We can perform repairs or inform you when it will be more cost effective to replace it. Diligent maintenance can reduce the risk of breakdowns and extend the time before you need to replace it.

Air Conditioning

When summer strikes and your air conditioner isn’t performing well or at all, call us for help. Whether you have central air conditioning, window units or a ductless split system, we can get your home back to a comfortable temperature in no time.

AC Repair Company

AC Repair

Because your air conditioner is a complex machine, the time will come when it needs to be repaired. If it has been well-maintained, most often the repairs will be minimal. Even with a preventive maintenance plan, your air conditioner may need major repairs or have come to the end of its usable years. In either case, we are equipped to handle any AC repair and can also make recommendations for a new, more energy efficient replacement. Our AC service is designed to keep your home comfortable within your budget.

HVAC Service
In addition to caring for your individual heating and air conditioning systems, we are proud to offer full HVAC service. With proven excellence in the other areas, we also are experts in ventilation. Most systems use an air handler as part of the ventilation. Most systems use an air handler as part of the ventilation to improve the air quality within the building. We can repair, replace or install an air handler, as well as repair and maintain your duct system.

Commercial Services
Businesses need their working environments to be comfortable to keep their employees happy. Warehouses and manufacturers need to maintain a certain temperature for quality control of their products. Our commercial services can provide care for multiple machines with minimal disruption to your business. We offer repair and installation services for heating, AC and HVAC.

Air Conditioning Services in Canton

Preventive Maintenance Plan
While all heating and air systems will eventually need some type of repair, neglecting annual maintenance can allow a small problem develop into a major and costly issue. Our preventive maintenance program will provide you with thorough checks to all of your machines annually. We will assess overall performance and test the individual components.

Considering some systems, especially central air conditioning, can cost well over $1,000, paying for annual maintenance can save you money in the long run if it helps you to avoid premature replacement. And the more machines you enroll in the program, the cheaper the fee will be for each machine.

We are a locally-owned and operated heating and air company. Our reputation is something in which we have great pride. We are in this business to help people, so it is our goal to provide great service and quality work at a price our clients can afford.

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